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Community Focus A MAP OF PENNSYLVANIA EXHIBITING NOT ONLY THE IMPROVED PARTS OF THAT PROVINCE BUT ALSO ITS EXTENSIVE FRONTIERS: Laid down from actual surveys and chiefly from the late map of W. The 'peace' in the title refers to the French & Indian war which ended circa 1763. BRITISH AMERICA, bounded and divided as proposed by the author of American Independence. John Cartwrht was the author of American Independence, published in London 1775, and this is one of the earliest maps addressing the topic. The map also appeared in William Faden's North American Atlas published in 1777, which is the image shown here from the Library of Congress. John Montresor was an officer in the British Army and its chief engineer in America. Community Focus
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Early Pennsylvania Scull published in 1770; and humbly inscribed to the Honourable Thomas Penn and Richard Penn... The state extends to the 43rd parallel and includes Delaware as a county. Longitude is west from London at bottom, west from Ferro at top. It shows the familiar region from Newfoundland to a cutoff Florida and west to the Mississippi. He was a friend of the famous painter John Singleton Copley, a Loyalist, who did a portrait of him now in the Detroit Institute of Arts. Early Pennsylvania
The Japanese site also mentions, on an index page, that Epperson was a vice-consul at the American Consulate in Nagasaki. A STRONG family biography, dealing with Kate.

Welcome to the City of Easton Jean Baptiste d'Anville was a French cartographer published by Sayer & Bennett who died in 1782. Despite the title this two-sheet map includes only the northeastern tip of Pennsylvania on the bottom sheet. THE THEATRE OF WAR IN NORTH AMERICA, with the roads, and tables, of the superficial contents, distances, &ca. Welcome to the City of <b>Easton</b>
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PA DCNR - Find a Park - state parks This version of William Scull's 1770 map (1770.1) was published separately and appeared in Thomas Jeffreys' The American Atlas published by R. The same image was used for map 1770.1 and the only difference between the two is in the title. The map orinally appeared in 1755 (map 1755.5) and there were several versions. PA DCNR - Find a Park - state parks
It's a b state with a lot of choices. Find one of the 121 state parks and conservation areas by narrowing the list by one of the choices below, or use the map to.

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